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Vendor Management

Effective vendor management ensures seamless partnerships, optimizing relationships, and maximizing value while mitigating risks within supply chain operations.

Information Storage

Store comprehensive vendor information including name, contact details, address, and order history.

Performance Tracking

Monitor vendor performance metrics such as delivery times, quality of goods, and reliability.

Inventory Management

Efficiently track, organize, and control inventory to optimize supply chain operations and meet customer demand with precision.


Real-Time Inventory Updates

Automatically update inventory levels using QR code mobile scanning capabilities from any mobile device.


Demand Forecasting

Use historical sales data to forecast future inventory needs and adjust orders accordingly.

Purchase Order Management

Efficiently streamline purchases with Purchase Order Management, ensuring smooth transactions and organized tracking of procurement processes.

Automatic Reordering

Set up automatic reordering thresholds based on inventory levels to maintain stock.

PO Creation and Tracking

Enable creation of purchase orders, tracking their status from issuance to fulfillment.


Comprehensive reports provide detailed insights, analysis, and findings on various subjects, aiding decision-making and informing stakeholders effectively.


Stock Levels

Provide current inventory levels, including low stock alerts.


Inventory Turnover

Calculate how often inventory is sold and replaced over a period.


Product Trend Tracking

Monitor rising or declining interest in specific products or categories.


Interactive Dashboards

Provide an interactive dashboard with key metrics.

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