Quick Setup

When you purchase OptiSyncPro, you’ll be redirected to Shopify’s app
installation page where you’ll need to install the app.

During installation, you’ll be able to select your desired plan.


Adding Products

Once installation is complete and your desired plan is selected, please navigate to the Products page using the left side bar menu. Click Add Product to select products from your store to add to the app.

Product Options

 Once products are added, the following options will be available for each product: View KI key performance indicator)-used to measure performance of each product to make informed decisions. Add to Cart Rate Add to Cart Impressions Total Purchases QR Barcode can be downloaded and printed to place on products or shelving for updating on-hand physical inventory in real time using any mobile device. Edit-used to update stock quantity and reorder points manually.


Adding Vendors

Vendors can be added to the Vendor Hub by navigating to Vendors on the left side menu bar of OptiSyncPro. Click Add Vendor.Available entries in the Vendor Hub include: Notes-used to update a vendor’s profile with important information relative to the vendor’s performance such as speed of shipping, quality of products, discrepancies, etc. Vendor Orders-used to show a history of purchase orders that have been created for vendors. 

Creating Purchase

Creating Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be generated for any product that has been added to OptiSyncPro and needs replenishment.Select one desired vendor per purchase order. Begin typing any letter on the keyboard, and hit space bar. A list of added products will become available. Select each product each product per respective vendor to be placed on one purchase order while inputting the requested quantities. Click Create Order.Once purchase orders are created, each one can be viewed or downloaded on the Purchase Orders page. To email purchase orders to vendors, click the file icon next to View. After purchase orders have been generated, you can navigate to the Vendor Hub to see a history of purchase orders as assigned to respective vendors listed in the vendor’s profile.


The availablity of reports differ according to plan type. Reports are generated and downloaded in cvs format. Here is a brief overiew of each report:

Physcial Count Sheet

A physical inventory count sheet is used for conducting physical inventory counts in businesses. Physical inventory counts involve manually counting and recording the quantities of all items in stock within a warehouse, storeroom, or retail store. These counts are compared against the quantities recorded in OptiSyncPro to identify any discrepancies or inaccuracies.

Stock Level Report

A stock level report is a document used by businesses to monitor and manage the quantity of products they have in stock at any given time. This report provides essential information about the inventory levels of various items, enabling businesses to make informed decisions regarding purchasing, production, sales, and overall inventory management.

Inventory Valuation Report

An inventory valuation report is a financial document that provides detailed information about the value of a company's inventory at a specific point in time. This report is used for several purposes, including financial reporting, decision-making, and compliance.

Low Stock Report

A low stock report is a tool used by businesses to monitor inventory levels and identify items that are running low in stock. This report helps businesses to prevent stockouts, optimize inventory management, and ensure that they have sufficient inventory to meet customer demand.

Sales Report

A sales report is a document that provides a comprehensive overview of a company's sales performance over a specific period of time. It contains detailed information about sales activities, including revenue generated, units sold, sales trends, customer behavior, and other key metrics.

Purchase Order Report

A purchase order report is a document that provides detailed information about the purchase orders issued by a business to its suppliers or vendors

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